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Find factory (OEM) BMW Wheels style technical data, pictures, dimensions, product number, offset (ET) and more. Database of all BMW wheels styles on The most critical dimensions you need to be aware are wheel width and offset, these dimension gain even more importance when looking at BMW wheels that offer multiple widths and offsets combinations for the same model depending on the wheel size. Wheel offsets change based on the desired final placement of the wheel within the wheel well. You can’t just put a wider wheel on without adjusting its offset so that it either sits in a similar position as the original, or it clears other components on the car like brakes, strut/shock, suspension arms, inner and outer bodywork including fenders. To check your offset for your BMW you can either refer to our wheel fitting chart or by searching for the OEM wheel for the specific BMW model you have.

BMW wheels come in different sizes from 15” to 22” with different widths and offsets. To answer your question we have created a BMW fitment guide lists that encompasses the different BMW wheel sizes that will fit each BMW model along with the tire size and wheel offset. Our chart contains BMW’s current model range in addition to previous models manufactured in the past. We have created as comprehensive a chart as possible.

As a general rule, 4×100 wheels will all interchange. They’re all 57.1 center bore. Your only concern will be the offset. The 5×120 wheels, basically have 3 variants. E39 wheels (74.1mm Center Bore), 5×120 low offset (72.56 Center Bore) and 5×120 high offset (72.56 Center Bore). You can make various offsets work with spacers and/or fender rolling, etc.

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