Per Listing Packages

Our per listing packages let you pay for each listing separately.

All Listings are permanent, never expire.

Free listings are reviewed last and because of the long waiting list (to many free submissions) the waiting time is 6+ months (practically you have 1% chances to go live here, with a free listing, unless your listing is of absolute exceptional quality).

Regular Listings are reviewed in 2 work days and accept html editor which means you can add links to internal pages, edit anchor texts and a lot more.

Featured Listings are regular listings that have a distinct color to stand up and also they are displayed at the top of category for maximum exposure.

Free Listing
Freefor a unlimited day listing.

3 to 6+ months review time wait. Very good content needed.

  • # Can select 1 category.
  • # Can upload 1 image.
  • # 3-6+ months review time.
Regular Listing
$5for a unlimited day listing.

Practical instant review, HTML editor. Editorial help when needed.

  • # Can select 2 Categories.
  • # Can upload 2 images.
  • # Practically Instant Review.
Featured Business
$15for a unlimited day listing.

Enhanced Colors, Display at the top of category and search results.

  • # Can select 4 Categories.
  • # Can upload 4 images.
  • # Practically Instant Review.

 All listings are permanent, never expire.