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At Solid Parking, we lead with expertise by providing a comprehensive service that includes all stages. This starts with development, when we work closely with our partners to design each new parking system according to their requirements and market demands.

Heavy-duty parking lift TP-320 has been developed In the Year 2016. It is based on the design of our classic two post car parking lift model TP-270. To meet the customer demand for accommodating full-size SUVs and pickup trucks, our engineers reinforced the structure of TP-270. After the modification, the new TP-320 model can easily pass the static load testing of 5500 KG and the dynamic overload testing of 3800 KG. With this 2 post car parking lift, you can make the most of your available space and park two vehicles in the same spot that would normally only accommodate one.

This parking lift features a durable powder coating that protects it from the elements and ensures years of trouble-free operation. In the past five years, more than 800 units have been installed in Australia, China, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, and the USA. Order your heavy-duty parking lift TP-320 today and start making the most of your available space!

After this stage, we also take care of the in-house manufacturing of these systems. Our machining service allows us to provide metal machined parts while also creating prototypes, small-batch, or mass production parts based on the provided blueprints. For us, this is a craft that requires a great deal of creativity, sharp competency, and solid expertise. Every single day, we put all these differentials on the table to empower our customers with parking solutions that save them time and money. We also understand that while technology and engineering are an important part of our business, we must also pair them with exceptional pre and after-sales service.

Our 24/7 professional technical support team is ready to kindly assist our clients before, during, and after their purchase, so they can enjoy a great experience through the entire process.

Contact us, and let’s discuss how our professional parking solutions can meet your parking demands.

Engineering is a fast-paced industry. That’s why we always strive to evolve and create an environment where innovation and new ideas can flourish, so we can offer vanguard solutions that satisfy the needs of our most demanding clients. We make hard work the standard for everything we do. We choose to always lead by example by going the extra mile to provide bespoke parking solutions that can be implemented timely and effectively.

We want to become a company you can rely on, and the first step towards this goal is being true to what we say and do. For us, trust is not an option but an everyday obligation. We always make it about our clients. They are the only ones who, at the end of the day, will define how successful we are and how accurately we’ve accomplished our job. Your satisfaction is ours. Offering the best product and service quality is a key part of our philosophy. We don’t take short-cuts, and work towards building a consistent reputation that our clients can come to depend on.


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