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Contact Author helps you locate junkyards in your state that has the used auto part you are searching for!  When you complete our PARTS FINDER form, our team of automotive professionals will search our database of over 5,000 junkyards and used auto parts dealers to provide you with the lowest available cost for your part and provide you with a great warranty for peace of mind. We can help you find used engines, transmissions, hoods, fuel pumps, or a front nose assembly for any make or model vehicle.

Don’t spend hours on your telephone cold calling junkyards nearby. Everyone hates being told the used auto part they need is not in stock. With our “junkyards near me” database, you will hear yes more often! We understand the used auto part search process down to a science, and have implemented various tools to help insure the process for you is a breeze. No matter what type of vehicle you have: new, older, classic, muscle, import, or custom made from different parts from different makes and models!  We would love the opportunity to help you find the used auto part you are looking for. Go green and recycle, which will help reduce humans carbon foot print on the earth. You will also see more green in your wallet also!

Simply enter your year, make and model, your preferred method of contact (email or phone) and your zip code. Our database of junk yards will contact you shortly!

We always recommend using O’reilly Auto Parts for any NEW auto and truck parts you may need! Try your luck today!

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