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We offer a wide selection of rented vehicles at great affordable rates, car leasing in Singapore, from sedan cars to commercial , with insurance coverage.You can easily find a vehicle that suits your style and budget. All our rented vehicles are in tip top condition meant for safety driving, Just a ring to us and we will be ready to serve you.

At Yes Motoring, you can expect a one-stop car dealer for pre-owned cars with a comprehensive range of before & after-sales services for instance an in-house financing

In addition, our extensive range of pre-owned cars, are thoroughly inspected and everything accounted for to ensure that buying a pre-owned car from us is a fuss-free process.

With Yes Motoring, we help you in every step of the way and lead you to the most satisfying purchase. After all, we only want what is best for our customers, that is, you. All pre-owned cars are thoroughly inspected. Furthermore, we also provide customised loan packages to suit your need plus discounts and courtesy car for your insurance packages.

We can also appraise your car if you are thinking of selling it and we also have many direct buyers that can match your car. Our experienced appraisers are well-trained and extremely efficient in securing you a competitive and fair offer.

Just let our experienced staff guide you through every step of the way to make sure that everything is covered and accounted for, ultimately helping you to complete the deal with a peace of mind.

Our division, Yes Motoring provides Special In-House vehicle financing for our customers at attractive interest rates. We also work closely with major banks including OCBC, Sing Investment, DBS, UOB and others to offer you the best rates for your car loan. Better still, through our hassle-free process, your loan can be approved in just 1 day! Come by our showrooms and talk to our friendly staff to find out more about how you can enjoy these benefits. Read more on Car Rental Singapore.

A few car rental advices :

Check the availability of models and the price offer : Before deciding on the car you want to rent, check which car models are available and what the price range is for them. It takes into account the fact that around the holidays, but also during the holidays, especially during the summer, the prices are higher, due to the demand. Therefore, we recommend that you rent a car in the off-season, when the rental offers are much better and the prices lower.

Check the delivery and delivery costs in advance: The work schedule of the company from which you want to rent is very important, because if your plane arrives at an hour when the deliveries do not normally work, you may be charged an extra amount for delivery outside the schedule. Also note that most car rental companies charge a delivery / delivery fee regardless of the time at which they are made. It is best to ask in advance to make sure you have all the information you need and that you will not have to pay extra for things you didn’t know.

Find out how much the guarantee is : Another important aspect that you need to know in advance is the car rental guarantee. You must know the amount that the company perceives as a guarantee, as well as the method of withholding (credit card or cash). Most companies have a starting point of 200 Euro.

Check if you can claim SCDW damage insurance: SCDW insurance is a great way to get rid of the warranty. This damage insurance is usually paid for the entire period of car rental, and if you have an unfortunate event in traffic or discover a car scratch or other damage, you do not have to pay anything. Basically, SCDW insurance is a way to get rid of any worries, with an amount less than the guarantee.

Reserve the car and ask for confirmation of reservation: Once you have decided on the car model and the price offer, with or without guarantee, reserve the car, but be sure to ask for a confirmation of this reservation, so as to ensure that you will not get any unpleasant surprises. . You should also check all the data provided and see if they match your reservation. Make sure that the booking confirmation also shows the total amount, plus the necessary instructions on how to get the car from the airport.

Pick up the car from the set point: When the time comes to pick up the car, before paying, make sure it is in good condition. Check all the data on the lease, and if you have chosen to leave the warranty, look closely at the car’s appearance and tell the deliverer about any visible traces on it. This way, you will avoid paying back the damages that you did not cause.

Enjoy your vacation: This is the easiest and most enjoyable step. Feel good wherever you go, enjoy beautiful moments with family and loved ones and drive for pleasure. Rediscover Singapore!

Return the car according to the data from your reservation: Check the date and time you need to hand over the car and make sure you arrive on time. If you are late, you may risk being charged extra for this. Of course, there are also unpredictable situations, so keep in the phone memory a contact number of the company from which you rented the car and call for any changes, especially if you cannot arrive on time. Our customers always told us when they had problems and they did not arrive on time, so we didn’t charge extra, because we always knew where our cars are.


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