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Check out this video to see if you really can get an hpi check for free. Video composed by Used Car Guy, an automotive authority in the UK. His site is full of free guides and tips on buying or selling a used car. If you’re buying, you probably already know you need an hpi check to ensure your new car is legitimate.

I thought it good to explain about hpi checks and the offers they have available. Hpi offers several paid products include a basic check for £9.99, the standard for £19.99 and multi-check (3 standard checks) for £29.97. Here is a hpi check video.

There is no such thing as a hpi free check. It costs hpi a few pounds for every single check they search and return. Their data is gathered from DVLA, Police National Computer, National Insurance Database and several other motor industry sources.

The data is collated into an hpi check that’s instantly available via your email, after purchase. The equivalent of a free hpi check can be found from providers like CarVeto. They offer free, basic information that includes vehicle data (based on the vehicle registration number), road tax and MOT information, export information and if a car is currently registered as insured on the National Mileage Database via askMID.

After a free check, they offer a Veto Platinum, a single check that provides comprehensive background information for any UK car.

There are a couple of things CarVeto offers that makes them a good choice for motorists:

1. The data provided is almost identical to hpi checks although in a different formatted report

2. The Veto Platinum is only £12.50 compared to £19.99 for an hpi check

3. There is only one product, Veto Platinum (this removes confusion for motorists)

4. They ‘Veto’ buying decisions until a vehicle has passed their background check. If a vehicle fails, the Veto stands until further investigations are carried out by the buyer. If the vehicle passes their check, the Veto is lifted. Simple, straightforward and affordable.

Rather than continuing to search for a free hpi check head over to CarVeto and look. Marcus, The Used Car Guy 2 Chester Way Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 0NS United Kingdom contact@theusedcarguy.co.uk https://theusedcarguy.co.uk

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