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Here is a 1st class dutch garage in Breda, ideal for dutch car repair. Auto repair Breda: familiar craftsmanship.

Always nice to quickly repair a car and see someone drive away carefree.That is what we want: gaining trust and giving confidence.

Do you want to be helped as soon as possible?You can schedule an appointment directly via the online planner.Also indicate for the smooth repair handling:

what the problem is with the car and what you want;
whether you want a cost indication before starting the car repair;
when you want the repaired car back.

If you quickly provide the information then we can quickly carry out the car repair. We specialize in repairing cars from year 1998.

APK Breda: fast General Periodic Inspection

During the APK (General Periodic Inspection) your car is assessed on registration, environment and safety. No preparation is required for the inspection, only hand over to us after which our judge will check your car.

The APK assessment concerns these points:

vehicle registration, identification number, mileage, fuel (registration assessment)
exhaust emissions (environmental assessment)
bodywork, wheel suspension, shock absorbers, brakes, tires, steering, lighting (safety assessment)

We provide more than 1000 APK inspections per year in Breda. Schedule your appointment now so that you can quickly go a year ahead.

We are a universal Bovag maintenance company and specialize in APK and maintenance. We sell summer and winter tires, exhausts, brakes and timing belts.

Award winning Dutch garage ; Of bel: 076 – 5 8 7 6 2 3 9

Wil je zorgen dat je afspraak z.s.m. wordt ingepland? Gebruik dan onze online planner.

Wil je eerst overleggen? Bel 076-5876239 of e-mail naar

Bezoek ons op Kalshoven 46, 4825 AM in Breda of gebruik onderstaand webformulier.


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